staci debolt pottery

A clay artist and her work



Staci DeBolt is a full time studio potter in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She received her undergraduate degree in ceramics from the Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, followed by a two-year artist in residency program at The Carbondale Clay Center in Colorado.  Staci has had the privilege of studying at the Chautauqua School of Art in New York, the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine, and The Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado. 

Staci was born and raised in northern Indiana.  Getting dirty was encouraged while growing up, digging for worms, swimming in ponds, and scrimmage basketball with the neighborhood kids made summers well spent.  Family and friends were never more than a footstep away.  Fond memories, a strong work ethic, a supportive community, and an innate sense of good design has shaped Staci's art career.  Staci loves thinking about design and function.  Everyday she is delightfully challenged with creating pots that possess the best of both these things.  Her goal is to make fresh one of a kind pottery that will grace peoples everyday lives with originality and beauty.



Artist Statement

I draw inspiration from the simplistic and elegant porcelain of the Sung Dynasty.  Using a bright and translucent porcelain clay body, I make well-designed pottery to bring joy to the daily routine.  The effortless surface patterns of the Sung Dynasty and Islamic ceramic ware and the colorful and playfulness of contemporary textile designs are the fuel to my surface treatment.  I move slip and glaze over my forms with fluidity. The surface design accentuates the form.  The beauty of each piece comes from a long repetition of my hands to master a technique. 

As I age, I am better versed in the importance of objects gracing a home.  Many of these objects are not exceptional in nature; yet signify a place of safety.  As a kid, I recall the shiny red bulbs that rested in a the glass bowl centering the table that held warm cinnamon rolls for Christmas brunch, or the folding chair that seated Grandpa as he watched the floats parade down main street on a sunny Memorial Day.  I aspire to make objects that not only symbolize a place called home, but also exude quality and beauty.  In this way, I pay homage to the importance of having a place of refuge and spending time with the ones we love.  My work sits on tables, dressers, stoves, and sinks and creates a relationship with the user.  The pots will stir from shelves while communing with family and friends or while just being.  They will sit on dressers holding Grandma’s broach and other precious adornments to be worn to celebrate the present day as well as days gone by.

I play with form and pattern.  I move and build with clay.  While I work, I constantly ask myself how my new work can be more relevant than the last.  As an artist I have the power to give a unique understanding of clay objects to my community and to the ceramic world.