staci debolt pottery

A clay artist and her work

to Dec 31

Natural Disasters Cup Show - Bakersville, NC

Each year the David Trophia invites a guest curator to bring a group of artists together around a specific theme.  This year each artist has been asked to design 5 cups inspired by Natural Disasters. 

Opening shortly after ‘Superstorm Sandy’ impacted 24 states along the east coast, last years cup show; Source-Material: Water, included the option to donate to the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF).  This direct option made it easy for craft to make a difference.  Springing from the upcoming anniversary of the storm, and hoping to make a greater difference in raising money for CERF, each artist has the option of donating the proceeds from one cup for CERF .

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to Aug 30

The Giving Chair - Carbondale, CO

A solo exhibition, opening reception from 6-8 pm August 2.  The Giving Chair will explore forms decorated with images of chairs.  A relationship is formed between the chairs, their environment, and what a chair means to the viewer.  What is the relationship amidst a person and a place of rest?

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